Curing Aerophobia

I love to travel, but, for years have struggled with an (almost) overwhelming fear of flying. I went to Jordan this October and sat scared through the six hour flight between Delhi and Amman, unable to sleep. However, on my way back from Amman, I wasn’t scared at all.

Sitting next to me on the flight between Amman and Sharjah was a 4 year old child called Anas. He and his mother only spoke Arabic but we managed a rudimentary conversation, though the only thing I managed to pick up with clarity were their names.

Just before the flight took off, however, Anas opened a box and offered me some chocolate. Not wanting to be the horrible grown up who takes chocolate from a four year old, I did the right thing and turned it down (even though I was hungry and really wanted it). He kept insisting until I actually took a chocolate bar and ate it. Turns out he was scared of flying too and wanted me to hold his hand during take off. Somehow in the midst of sharing all that chocolate and comforting a scared, adorable child, I forgot that I was scared too.


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