Delhi Weekends, Part I: The Daryaganj Sunday Book Market


I read the entire Game of Thrones series on my laptop. I confess, I do read a lot of ebooks, they’re easier and cheaper to procure and I save myself the trip to the bookstore. They’re also easy to carry while travelling! Despite all of this, there is no denying the fact that I like nothing better than to hold a book in my hands and flip the pages as I read. I love picking up old books and going through them, even though the dust makes me sneeze. I love raiding my friend’s bookshelves and I LOVE going to the Sunday book market in Daryaganj.

On the pavement along Netaji Subhash and Asaf Ali roads, near Delhi Gate and Delight Cinemas, it is THE place if you’re looking for old and rare editions, out of print books, cheap books or just something different. I’ve found some incredible books here: an old hardbound edition of “The Hunting of the Snark” by Lewis Carroll, a guide on wildlife by Gerald Durrell (My Family and Other Animals is still one of my favourite comfort books!), a book filled with fondue recipes, a book by William Shatner (did anyone know James Kirk could write??), a hardbound voulme called “Moldavian Folk Tales” and many many best sellers and detective novels for as little as Rs. 30!

Behind this second hand book market, there is also a thriving market run by wholesale book vendors. If you want to buy something new at discounted rates, they’re the people to go to. Bargaining is an important part of this shopping experience, you might get a book at half the price. We even made some friends in the process. I’m definitely going to go to Mr. Malik’s book stall next time. I was desperately looking for Asterix and Tin Tin and, he’s the only one in the entire market who had them. We bargained and argued a lot, but left with what we wanted, at the price we were willing to pay. If you love books as much as I do, don’t miss this place. Its crowded and dusty, but I just can’t stay away. Chandni Chowk has a lot to offer… keep the weekdays for the food and the silver jewellery. On Sunday, go to the book market!

Getting There: Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazar on the yellow line are the closest metro stations. Its best not to drive, finding parking around Daryanganj can be quite a nightmare.


2 thoughts on “Delhi Weekends, Part I: The Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

  1. Very nicely written! Need to take out time on sundays and visit this place!
    elaborate about the silver jewellery market!

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